Early stage (start-up) company service offerings

Early stage (start-up) company service offerings

We have packaged some of our services in highly focused and scalable engagements with high-growth early stage companies in mind.  Attached are three extremely valuable “start-up” packages currently available:

IRC 409a Valuation – You need to value common equity at fair value, says the IRS. If you raised Seed or Series A and are hiring and granting options, you need to make sure you granting the option with the strike price, not less than fair value.

Investor Pitch Integrated Finance – This is extremely important if you are raising new round of funding. You want to make sure all your number in your pitch deck make sense and that you can confidently answer the following questions: What ROI are you projecting to deliver to the investors? Is it based on sound Exit valuation? Does you pre-money valuation make sense based on Exit value and ROI? Is your Exit valuation based on your pro-forma assumptions? How solid is your TAM estimate? What market share are you forecasting at Exit?

Customer Business Case/ROI and Value Pricing – If your business model is focused on B2B you must understand and be prepared to quantify business case to your customers. What is the value proposition for your product/service to your customers? Can you quantify it? Do you have an ROI tool you can walk your customer thru that shows cost benefit analysis? How did you determine pricing for your product/service? Have you considered value pricing based on the value you are delivering? The deliverables of this package are either ROI tool OR customer facing business value selling deck OR value based pricing strategy.


Please contact us at info@valueprism.com to explore if these service offerings might be a good fit for your company.

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