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Windows Intune ROI Calculator

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Windows Intune simplifies and helps businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows cloud services and Windows 7 Enterprise —so your computers and users can operate at peak performance from virtually anywhere. With cloud services, you get a comprehensive desktop solution with a low up-front investment and predictable (monthly, per PC) billing that helps keep your finances under control. Windows Intune licensing also includes upgrade rights to the latest versions of Windows client operating system. Together Windows Intune and Windows 7 Enterprise help businesses improve end-user productivity and optimize IT labor costs.

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Helping Explore for Diamonds with Enhanced IT Security and Improved TCO

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De Beers India Private Limited wants to improve the management, mobility, and security for its desktops and notebooks running on Windows® XP SP2. A pilot deployment and a business value case study conducted by IDC showed how upgrading De Beers’ PCs to Windows Vista™ would provide the desired benefits while reducing TCO.

The identified IT savings of U.S.$115 per PC annually in reduced IT support costs and user labor are calculated as follows:

IT labor is projected to decrease by 10 percent or $73 per PC
User labor is expected to decrease by 27 percent or $42 per PC
Based on an estimated IT labor cost for Windows Vista deployment of $13 per PC (assuming DeBeers uses its existing hardware refresh cycle to upgrade to Windows Vista), IDC estimates that De Beers will realize a Return On Investment of 509 percent and a payback period of 4 months.